Haymore Queen Anne

Champion Charter School

This Project included construction of a 26 classroom charter school and included the complete infrastructure of all site related construction including grading, utilities, parking lot, etc. The total construction of the project for the 3 buildings, classroom building, field house, and administration was just over 52,000 square feet under roof. The project had multiple levels and 2 elevators. Champion Charter School had a very aggressive schedule, it started in late April and was required to be complete for school to open the same year in August. The project was completed on time for School to open.

69 Unit Home Complex and Infrastructure

This Project included construction of a 69 unit housing complex and included the complete infrastructure of all site related construction including utilities, roadways, parking, etc. The total construction amounted to approximately 168,500 square feet under roof. Due to the need of tribal members to occupy the new housing facility, contract construction period was reduced to 280 from 365 days and Patterson Enterprises completed the project ahead of schedule.

Oasis Rehabilitation Center

Oasis-rehab-2This 48,000 sq-ft building construction contract included obtaining of all city permits, HUD contractor approval, compliance to all HUD requirements and paperwork, full civil infrastructure, underground utilities, grading, site walls, monument signage, landscaping, and complete building construction through State Health acceptance. This facility has 74 patient rooms, and includes a beauty salon, gift shop, large entry,  multiple offices, nurses stations, control center for nurses base station, large physical therapy room, large commercial kitchen and dining room with vast exterior patios and water features. Despite revised expectations, Patterson Enterprises INC. completed the project on time and budget, much to the satisfaction of the owner.

Sierra Blanca Rehabilitation Facility

sierra-blanca-rehab-facilitySierra Blanca is a 54,000 sq.ft assisted living/rehabilitation facility in the White Mountains with 57 patient rooms. The Sierra Blanca project included a turnkey Civil  Improvement installation, including all grading, underground utilities, site concrete, paving, signage and striping, all decorative patios, water features, landscaping, and building construction. The facility includes a child care station, complete ADA access, two secured wings for special needs, multiple  dining areas, nursing stations, and a commercial kitchen. Sierra Blanca is constructed with masonry units, structural steel and metal decking sealed with seamless metal roofing. The completed project has been serving northern Arizona seniors since we delivered it in 2010.