Patterson Enterprises Inc Has Signed a Contract With Force Options 360

PEI has been selected as the Design Builder for development and construction that will incorporate a 48 acre site at the Casa Grande Airport, 200 acres at the Casa Grande Shooting Range, 336+ acres at the Safford Regional Airport, and a 6km x 9km section of land located on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation.

Casa Grande Air Park

The Casa Grande Airpark will include site improvements and the construction of a 75,000 square foot National Technology Center to establish manufacturing, research and development, training, classroom, conference, office and support operations for the related range and energetics facilities. There will be potential improvements to the airport gates, tarmacs, hangers, etc., as well as the possible addition of utilities and infrastructure. The scope includes the relocation of the Airport Fire Station to the 48 acre National Technology Center portion of the airport property. The fire station and training facility will be greatly enhanced and utilized by Force Options and the Casa Grande Fire Department to facilitate Emergency Medical Training, Tactical Medicine Training, and related First Responder Training. The City of Casa Grande and its Fire Department will provide specifications and details; and assist in the design of the est. 30,000 square foot fire station. Future phases are intended for the remaining 43 acres and will include expansion of the National Technology Center; with sub-lease(s) or build-to-suits, for national and international clientele drawn to Arizona. The full build out is anticipated to be complete in 4-6 years. Upon completion, employment is anticipated to exceed 750 direct jobs and 600 indirect jobs with a total project investment in excess of $340 million.

Casa Grande Shooting Range

The Casa Grande Shooting Range site will fully redevelop the existing shooting range for First Responder and Law Enforcement Training, World Leading Sports Shooting, and Club House Facilities with Retail Merchandising. It will include redistributed landscaping to provide a sense of arrival, a resort style setting, an armory, and several shooting bays. Industry leaders will give input on the design to ensure that the site and all its facilities are unique and unmatched by any other.

Energetic Testing Facility (ETF)

The Energetic Testing Facility (ETF) shall be located in close proximity, on the Tohono O’odam Indian Reservation via a grant of easement. The purpose of the facility is to conduct research, development, and provide training for Aerospace, Defense and Space related industries. Note: By design, the explosives component is capped at 25 lbs. so as to capture the broader Commercial Market. The purpose of the ETF is to promote systems development and science for upgrading and enhancing delivery systems and training, and is not about the explosive ordinance market space. The facility is designed to serve the national and international markets while specifically serving Arizona’s 1,250 Aerospace & Defense entities currently forced to conduct research and development out-of-state. These industries are currently subjected to an 18 month wait to get onto an energetics range to conduct systems level testing. Arizona is in fact an Aerospace and Defense economy first, followed by tourism. The National Technology Center and ETF serve the interests of these companies while attracting national and international business to the State of Arizona. The site development will attempt to disrupt as little of the natural landscape as possible. It is anticipated that there will be two to three impact zones, about the size of a football field in-zone that will require the relocation of natural vegetation, and a footprint of approximately 4,000 square feet for an observation building at one of the high points of the site. The observation building is expected to be two stories and approximately 8,000 square feet in size, and require auxiliary support structures to provide utilities. Additional site concrete for walkways and helicopter landing pads may be appropriate. The scope of work may also include improvements to the roads leading in to the site, roads around the site, and parking.

Safford Regional Airport

The Safford Regional Airport will include improvements to facilitate missile parts research and development, manufacturing, assembly and storage; additional facilities for C-130 distribution, hangar space, and maintenance. The site will also include a business center with office space, conference rooms, reception and hospitality. The size and design of these improvements is yet to be determined.